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The Copper Collection

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With a focus on elemental materials and natural forces, The Copper Collection assembles objects for home and desk that invite interaction and contemplation. Marrying traditional techniques and modern technologies, each item is designed and handcrafted in England from materials of exquisite purity and quality. The result, a contemporary collection of items that will become more beautiful with age.

The collection puts the profound relationship between humans and copper centre-stage. The objects in this collection invite touch and interaction. You will discover that the weight, warmth and smoothness of copper feel right, and you might remember that this is something you already knew. 

Our debut collection includes:

The Inder Pen Engineered in England from pure copper, The Inder Pen is raw, refined and entirely unique. Slim and elegant, with no clips, logos or unnecessary embellishment, Inder is made from solid copper bar, resulting in a satisfying weight and balance.

Prehistoric Oak Pen-case made from the kiln-dried trunks of trees that lived more than 5,000 years ago in England’s marshy Fenlands.. Oak of this age is unique to this region and is possibly the rarest wood in the world. The Prehistoric Oak Pen-case is perfectly proportioned to rest and protect the Inder Pen and ergonomically crafted to fit a pocket comfortably. ​

Copper Egg and Brass Egg
The Copper Egg and Brass Egg are tactile, geometric objects inspired by nature’s life-giving form. Handcrafted from solid copper or brass they respond to the touch with weight, warmth and motion. ​

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