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Renaissance Amplification

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Renaissance Amplification hi-fi products are designed and manufactured in the UK by Integrated Engineering Solutions Ltd (IES, for short). We help you to enjoy music more. How do we do it? Mostly by designing and building elegantly simple hi-fi products that just reveal the music in an utterly convincing and engaging manner.
Why do we do it? Because like you, we love music.
Renaissance Amplification is probably Portsmouth's best kept secret but the word is getting around and once you listen, you will appreciate why more and more people are choosing our brand of affordable and practical high end audio equipment.

IES was founded in 1996 by electronics engineer, Chris Jennings and ex-IBM engineer, Greg Speirs. In 2000, Chris resurrected the valve amplifier project and created a new, high-end design which, in the following year, became the critically acclaimed RA-01 mono power amplifier, our first hi-fi product.

All Renaissance Amplification products are designed to be practical, reliable and easy to use whilst providing exceptional performance. We want you to hear the music and not the equipment. As a very small company we compete on quality rather than quantity. New products are created only when we are confident that they will have something special to offer at their price point. From the technical point of view, all of our hi-fi products have an interesting story to tell but the whole point is to increase your listening pleasure by making music playback as involving and convincing as we can.

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