Belmont Packaging join Made in Britain Campaign

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Belmont Packaging joins ‘Made in Britain’ campaign


Wigan-based corrugated packaging specialists, Belmont Packaging are flying the flag for British manufacturing and celebrating its roots by joining the Made in Britain campaign.


Belmont Packaging has been manufacturing high quality corrugated boxes and cardboard packaging solutions since 1978 and is hugely proud of its British manufactured products, fitting very naturally with the vision of the Made in Britain campaign.

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Top furniture products from British companies

In the past few years we have been all too aware of how a certain Swedish company have grown in popularity in furnishing our homes with their products.

And it’s not just the fact that these products come from overseas that’s a little discouraging for our homegrown businesses, but there are also some significant environmental reasons why we should think twice before we head to one of their megastores.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic British furniture retailers that pride themselves on featuring products from our country. Not only will this give you that positive feeling of supporting our homegrown businesses, but it can also be better for our planet too.

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‘Bianca Elgar’ Wins Coveted ‘International Fashion Awards

Local Fashion Designer, Bianca Elgar, wins coveted International fashion award, with her versatile,innovative and stunning ‘Three-Sided Skinny’ silk scarf design and her ‘Ava Tunic Dress’.

Bianca Elgar Fashion is pleased to announce that they have won the Coveted Silver A’ Design Award at the International Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Competition for its ‘Three-Sided Skinny’ and the bronze award for the ‘Ava Tunic Dress’. Judged by a panel of international referees, Bianca Elgar was chosen as winner amidst a great deal of high quality International competition from over 100 top fashion designers.

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Good Joe keeps art close to the heart. #WearArt

At Good Joe we love and live art and believe it shouldn’t be reserved for hanging on walls, or kept in galleries. We’re putting it on our shirts so you can literally keep it close to your heart and bring a bit of interest to the lives of others when you wear them.

We’re more than chuffed to introduce you to our very first #WearArt collection. In collaboration with Matt Loughlin ( the real Matt Loughlin) we’re launching an exclusive trilogy of his designs on our black and white shirts.

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Jalu announce their exciting new floor lamp collection

The Holix floor lamp is the exciting new collection from Jalu that puts you in control. Modular in design, it comprises multiple hexagonal elements that can be arranged in a variety of configurations in terms of height (36 - 92cm), colour (complementary or contrasting) and light patterns (regular or random).

The Holix has been designed to be flexible and fun. It can be easily assembled (and reassembled) in sets of 1 to 5 modules. It comprises the base unit with integrated luminaire, individual stackable modules and a lid. Choose your base and then add your modules and lid to suit.

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Bianca Elgar Creating Smart Transformative Fashion

Bianca Elgar is the design label of Bianca Elgar, the artist and fashion designer who today is a true pioneer in ‘transformative luxury fashion’.

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Inspired by the love for creativity, the expression of individuality and passion for high quality craftsmanship, the brand is best described in two simple words: “Wearable Art”.

Bianca Elgar creates a luxury versatile capsule wardrobe collection, which includes scarves, skirts, tops and dresses.


With our range of scarves, tops, skirts and dresses (with unique styling loops) we've made it simple to personalise any look.

We are proud to work with suppliers and manufacturers from all over the UK. Our collections are expertly crafted with attention to detail, all our collections are 100% British. 

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