Bianca Elgar Creating Smart Transformative Fashion

Bianca Elgar is the design label of Bianca Elgar, the artist and fashion designer who today is a true pioneer in ‘transformative luxury fashion’.

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Inspired by the love for creativity, the expression of individuality and passion for high quality craftsmanship, the brand is best described in two simple words: “Wearable Art”.

Bianca Elgar creates a luxury versatile capsule wardrobe collection, which includes scarves, skirts, tops and dresses.


With our range of scarves, tops, skirts and dresses (with unique styling loops) we've made it simple to personalise any look.

We are proud to work with suppliers and manufacturers from all over the UK. Our collections are expertly crafted with attention to detail, all our collections are 100% British. 

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The brand is inspired by a love for creativity and the expression of individuality, including a passion for high quality craftsmanship. Bianca has a lifelong passion for art and printed fabrics as well as elegant versatile well-made clothes and accessories described in two words “Wearable Art”.

Three major elements make Bianca Elgar a very innovative and desirable brand. They are; art, versatility and top quality.

Art: Each scarf is a piece of art, great attention to detail given to the combination of colours as well as to the modern printed patterns. Whether worn or framed, widely open, folded or simply rolled around you neck or over your shoulder, it resembles a work of art. Behind each item, there is a long process from inspiration to production. Every pattern is designed with great attention to detail, to make sure that each print is as perfect as it can be.

Versatile: The collection comprises various scarf shapes from small to large, from squared to rectangular, the skinny and our unique three sided skinny, allowing each person to adapt it in many different ways, to elegantly show off artistic flair and look fabulous at the same time.

Our dresses are designed with neckline loops to give the possibility of wearing the Bianca Elgar scarves in many more ways and to personalise a look by making it unique, elegant and different, every time you wear it. The amount of styling options makes each item in our collection a long-term investment.

The dresses, skirts and tops can be worn to transform a look and styled in many different ways, to enable women to tailor a style that becomes truly personal to them.

Quality: We use highest quality silk and digitally print with deep ink penetration to show the vivid colours and screen-print art on both sides of the scarf. Our scarves are hand-finished with delicate pin-hem stitching; this hemming method means that the tiniest knot can be tied to secure a scarf in place.

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Bianca Elgar is the founder and Artistic director of Bianca Elgar Ltd, the new and modern expression of wearable art and luxury fashion.

Bianca has always been passionate about art and textiles and worked as a silkscreen printer/designer in the studio for many years, mainly creating prints for interior design as well as creating her own statement jewellery, Bianca is now bringing this experience to her eponymous fashion brand.

In 2011, Bianca went to live abroad for 6 months and decided to travel light keeping clothes to a minimum, due to limited space. She decided on her favourite black basics, and a variety of colourful scarves to dress them up with. Bianca was inspired by the opportunity of creating a variety of looks with just a few items, as well as showing off scarf prints in a new way.

It was really this experience that made her realise how versatile and beautiful these silk accessories are, and this inspired her to start her own business in high quality British made, versatile fashion.


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