Jalu announce their exciting new floor lamp collection

The Holix floor lamp is the exciting new collection from Jalu that puts you in control. Modular in design, it comprises multiple hexagonal elements that can be arranged in a variety of configurations in terms of height (36 - 92cm), colour (complementary or contrasting) and light patterns (regular or random).

The Holix has been designed to be flexible and fun. It can be easily assembled (and reassembled) in sets of 1 to 5 modules. It comprises the base unit with integrated luminaire, individual stackable modules and a lid. Choose your base and then add your modules and lid to suit.

The initial Spring 2017 colour palette consists of a contemporary suite of greys, blues and a light cream with our unique matt finish providing texture and an intrinsic lustre. Future seasonal colour collections will allow customers to refresh and personalise the look of their lamps. We would also be happy to discuss supply of bespoke colours and finishes, just contact us.

As with all Jalu products, the Holix provides an elegant focal point that is equally attractive in both natural light and when illuminated at night, providing sophisticated ambient lighting. It can be positioned as a standalone feature, or in groups (e.g. of varying height and colours) for visual impact within an integrated design scheme. Find all the details on our website Jalu

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