Top furniture products from British companies

In the past few years we have been all too aware of how a certain Swedish company have grown in popularity in furnishing our homes with their products.

And it’s not just the fact that these products come from overseas that’s a little discouraging for our homegrown businesses, but there are also some significant environmental reasons why we should think twice before we head to one of their megastores.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic British furniture retailers that pride themselves on featuring products from our country. Not only will this give you that positive feeling of supporting our homegrown businesses, but it can also be better for our planet too.

A quick look at Elle Decoration’s round-up of British furniture makers reveals that just because these products were created close to home, doesn’t mean that they suffer from a lack of style.

From Country Shaker in Gillingham with their incredible bespoke furniture creations, to Gareth Neale’s furniture making studio in East London, there’s been a real upsurge in British craftsmen and women who are rediscovering the lost art of making handcrafted furniture. 

But it’s not just traditional items of furniture that are enjoying this burst of British creativity. As some of the nation’s young carpenters are turning their hand to create some stunning modern pieces of furniture. 

Even something as modern as a latex mattress can be delivered with a British twist, particularly when retailers like Knaresborough’s Bedstar are on hand with a latex mattress guide to explain why this can provide a more restful night’s sleep. 

And with major national retailers like DFS and John Lewis also making pledges to use homegrown furniture products, it is hoped our manufacturing sector will benefit from this upsurge in British creativity.

It’s all part of how the UK’s furniture makers and retailers are enjoying something of a renaissance in 2017.


A recent article by the Financial Times suggests that British designers are in demand in places as far away as China and the USA. And with top UK furniture events like Clerkenwell Design Week and London Design Festival, it is expected that there will be a much greater call for British expertise in furniture production.


So regardless of whether you are looking for a latex mattress or are browsing for your bespoke piece of bedroom furniture, it seems as though there has never been a better time to buy British!

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