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Alan James Raddon

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Welcome to Alan James Raddon - Designer : Shoemaker.

I come to Shoemaking with attitude. I believe in healing through the feet. I have a keen interest in complementary and alternative healing and that is why I will never ever make Pointy Shoes like most manufactured High Street shoes, which I believe actively weaken and damage your feet. I come to Shoemaking with the intention of actively strengthening and healing my client’s feet

I believe because of my own experience of wearing my Shoes and Shandals®  and that of my clients for nearly 30 years that they actively strengthen the feet and because of that, they have healing properties. My Shoes and Shandals®  are feet-shaped, they are broad over the Metatarsal Arch and have a straight inside edge and a low heel.

The Lace-up design holds the feet firmly back into the heel of the Shoes and Lace-up Shandals® , leaving the toes liberated and free from the Metatarsal Arches to spread, strengthen and heal.

There are other reasons and unique qualities about my Shoes that solicit such wonderful quotes from my clients. I use a very special leather not used in traditional leather shoes, but which was designed specifically for Hydraulic Engineering to create oil seals under great pressure and heat.

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