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Egginton Bros Ltd

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Founded in 1872, Egginton Bros Ltd are manufacturers of knife sharpening steels for use by professional butchers, chefs and food processing professionals.

In the 1980's we acquired a number of Sheffield knife making brands so the Egginton Group now ncludes the world famous and historic brands George Wostenholm, Joseph Rodgers and George Ibberson.

When Sheffield is mentioned anywhere in the world the automatic reaction is ‘Steel’ and ‘Cutlery’. Cutlery has been made in Sheffield for more than 700 years, and our company names are amongst the most famous in the industry’s history.

From well designed, functional and reliable Sharpening Steels and Pocket Knives for everyday use, through to highly crafted presentation pieces, each one of our products is made with the benefit of a legacy built up over the hundreds of years we have spent perfecting our expertise.

A selection of customisable, handmade knives can also be bought at our online store, Sheffield Collectable Knives.

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