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Stickibox produces cardboard craft kits for children to design their own unique creations. Each kit contains a cardboard box with perforated base and handles, card cut-out wheels and steering wheel, ready to colour stickers and plastic rivets.

At Stickibox we want to encourage children to learn through play and to get active. We are passionate about providing the right tools to support this.

Each Stickibox kit allows a child to use their wonderful imaginations to transform a plain cardboard box into their own personalised design. By removing the base from the box the Stickibox vehicle can become mobile. So build, design and jump inside!

We have made it our mission to source all our materials from the UK and this is why we only work with UK based manufacturers. We care about the environment and our products are 100% recyclable and made, where possible, from recycled materials.

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