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Quality desk accessories from Cardigan West Wales

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Desk Accessories began in 1986 and has grown through the years by offering a wide variety of quality solid brass desk accessories and gifts with an open and honest approach.  

Based in Cardigan and working in our workshops on the wonderful West Wales coast our design team, can be generally early in the morning chat discussion the weather ! However, talk leads to doodles, which leads to the formation of ideas, which then evolve into the perfect brass desk accessories to compliment your home and office. 

Most people never consider how the desk accessories on their home or office desk are made, nor do they realise it takes a skilled engineer to make a solid bar of brass come alive by his knowledge and skill with a lathe, a mill, centuries old techniques and years of experience.  We believe that hand-craftsmanship brings something special to your home or office desk and that the quality, durability and beauty of brass lends itself to the creation of some truly unique products.

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